healthy eating tips for the fam

If you've been reading my posts for awhile you'll know that I'm a huge proponent of healthy living. I seriously just can't get enough of it. I have struggled with some health problems over the years and it has made me come to understand how closely what we eat, and how we feel, both emotionally and physically, is really intertwined. So that's why I believe that especially when you have little people, you need to set a good example and start healthy eating habits when they are young. We all know that habits are formed in the first 6 years of life - so make those years count! Let's teach them how to live healthy for the rest of their lives. Not to say that I feed my kid perfectly - I don't. Sometimes he eats more (organic & gluten free) packaged snacks & crackers than I would like, but toddlers are picky eaters, and as I'm sure any other mama know....sometimes you just have to get them to eat ANYTHING! Ah! Toddlers. 

So if you're looking to get your family a little healthier, here are a few of my best tips!

(Also, disclaimer - I am not a doctor, so all of these are just my beliefs from experience and research over the years)

Be prepared

This is important. Preparing healthy food can be time consuming because you can't just heat it up in the microwave (also, NEVER use a microwave - ew! You really don't know what it's doing to your food). So on weekends I like to prepare food for the week. Whether it is making healthy gluten free muffins or breads, or making my husbands favourite home made granola, I always prepare something. I find chia seed pudding is also super convenient, because you can prepare it at night and wake up to a yummy nutritious breakfast for the whole family. Hunter and my husband both love this - especially with granola! Delish. 

Buy whole foods

I don't mean the grocery store - it's so damn expensive! I mean, eat foods that came from the earth. This is obvious to me, but it surpises me how many people neglect to eat their fruits & veggies & healthy grains. You are what you eat is actually the truth. So if you want to eat garbage, you will feel like garbage. Period. So try your best to include a variety of yummy veggies and grains in your diet (but remember, you need more veggies than grains & fruit, so proportion your meals accordingly). Some of our favourites are spinach salad, home made sweet potato fries & kale chips, roasted crunchy broccoli, carrots with hummus, quinoa with butter & peas, and buckwheat.  Eating whole foods doesn't need to be boring - it can be so yummy!! 

Avoid inflammatory foods

So, what I'm talking about is foods like dairy, gluten, coffee, booze & sugar. And of course, packaged foods which are loaded with preservatives, chemicals and salt. All of these things can cause inflammation in the body - so maybe don't eat them at every meal? Sure, sometimes you can spoil yourself! Nobody is perfect. But try not to make these foods the majority of your diet. 

Know where you food comes from

So, in general you want to know that your food is coming from the earth and not manufactured in a lab, but you also should consider where your food was grown or produced. So to put simply - buy local! The farther your food has to travel, the more negative impacts there are for the environment. And on the plus side, you will also support local business owners who are up against big box stores! One of my favourite local brands is Beekeepers Naturals. Not only are their products unique and delicious, but they really care about the plight of the bees, and take so much care to make sure that the bees are treated well, and that the honey and pollen is as healthy as can be. It's so awesome! 

Drink smoothies

Smoothies are my best friend. Seriously. Because prepping salads and cooking so many different foods can be so time consuming with all that chopping and cleaning up. So smoothies are my go-to. I love just throwing stuff together and making up new recipes that are full of healthy nutrients. And my son and my husband both love them - WIN! Some of my favourite ingredients are nut butters (almond, sunflower & pumpkin), blueberries, avocado, banana, cacao nibs, spinach, almond & coconut milk, bee pollen, honey & stevia leaf. Yum! Check out one of my favourite here

So get to making your smoothies & get healthy, you sexy babes!



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