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So, these sunglasses just arrived yesterday and I'm so in love with them. The shape is just so unique and I love how minimal yet fresh they are. They will really spice up a basic outfit with their uniqueness. Can't wait to shoot them in some style photos this weekend!!


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in my comfort zone

I'm normally big fan of comfy fashion, but with my pregnancy it has become even more of a love. If you've been pregnant you'll know that it not only is uncomfortable because of your growing belly, but also because you just generally feel like shit...

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the basics

A white shirt and jeans are pretty much staples of my wardrobe - they are just so easy! And easy is my thing. I just don't have time to stress about putting together complicated outfits so I always opt for casual basics. You can never go wrong with basics!...

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fast fashion vs. classics

The older I get, the less interested I am in trends. Maybe I'm just old, but I feel like 'trends' and fast fashion are often a waste of money. I have bought into so many trends and so many cheap clothes over the years, that are not only crappy quality, but aren't really that stylish at the end of the day, and then once I'm tired of them they just sit in my closet until I overhaul my wardrobe and give them away to charity. And I'm SO over it....

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this silk set

Kind of obsessed with this silk bomber set! Not only is it so soft and luxe but it's also super comfortable. I love how it can be dressed up with booties or dressed down with sneakers for a more casual look...

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off the shoulder

I really hope that the off the shoulder trend doesn't go away any time soon.'s kind of a classic by now, no?! I love that it's a little sexy and fresh without being like SEXY. Know what I mean?...

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summer faves

These looks are currently on heavy rotation. It's been super hot so loose comfy pieces have been my go-to. These also subtly camouflage my little baby belly that is developing, but isn't quite in bump territory yet...

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