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So, I've been meaning to post more 'mommy' lifestyle based blogs, but do you know how hard it is to photograph a toddler!? He just never stops moving...

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Mom life demands practicality. I can't be running around town with a toddler and some fussy outfit. I just want to look stylish and practical. Too much to ask?

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One of my favourite ways to dress is in oversized silhouettes. Not only is it really easy, but it's cozy without being sloppy - as long as you add the right details. It could look sloppy if you wear oversized sweats and sneakers. That's why I like to pair an oversized sweater with leather details. 

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comfort zone

So, this is just really what I was going to wear to the grocery store. Just throwing on a bunch of black layers is my go-to when I'm feeling blah because I always feel comfortable that way. A little leather, a cozy knit, a giant scarf and you're good to go. Right!?

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is it spring yet?

Although I love my scarves, I'm a little tired of bundling myself up quite so much. I'm excited for all the spring whites and neutrals! They will be appearing a lot on the blog. Also, it's so much work to get a toddler dressed to leave the house when you not only have to bundle yourself up, but also bundle him up. And usually he doesn't want to go and I have to bribe him by telling him we are going to get a treat (which usually means a yummy booster juice), but I often have to deal with a lot of screaming and squirming before we can get out of the house. So not having to put a coat on my little man would make my life easier. Is anyone else like, SO ready for spring!? 

I'm trying to slowly incorporate my spring stuff right now though, even though it's cold! This explains my white pants. I have been dreaming of wide leg white pants all winter, so I finally decided to make it happen. I love the soft grey knit with the white pants. So chic and SO comfy. 

Also, I chopped my hair super short and softened the colour a bit - but I'm still getting used to it. I don't know...maybe I should have left it platinum? But the regular dying was killing my fine I decided to soften the colour a bit and grow it out. The short hair makes me worry that I look too boyish though. I kind of miss my longer hair but I know it was for the best. Agh! I just wish I had naturally platinum thick gorgeous hair - is that too much to ask!?


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